The only constant is change.

Koen CAERELS (MindedDesign) provides creative experiences and technical solutions for the arts, culture and education environment.

Koen uses an agile approach. This means that real-world-working products are developed. Koen tests often and refines with a strategic mindset rather than sticking to rigid specifications. This in collaboration with you together with other experienced partners to deliver the results you want.

Working for cultural organisations and events: Contour Mechelen ( Contour 2009, Moving Stories, Contour 2011, Contour 2013 ), OCAM vzw, Beeld en verhaal, Vanhaerents Art Collection, Kunstendag voor Kinderen ( 2012, 2013), Belgian Pavilion. Working for artists: Wapke FEENSTRA ( Moving Landscape, Made in Zvizzchi ), Jos VAN DER SOMMEN, Sofie MULLER.